Don't Hold Your Breath

Whoops…I forgot to write something for this post. If you’re wondering where pt2 went it will go up later…

So yeah, here’s a bunch of process photos I took while working on the GRAVEYARD piece. I work a little bit smaller (@ 11x17) than the final print (18x24). It saves time but also kinda forces me to be more conscious of my line quality. Most illustrators work the opposite with the idea of reducing the art once it’s printed. That allows artists to work more loosely because the artwork will tighten as it’s reduced. I’m comfortable working the way I do for many reasons especially since it saves me time. Cue the nervous laughter.
I start out in my sketchbook with a non repro blue pencil. Why don’t I use a regular pencil? I dunno. Because it’s a SECRET. That’s why.
From there I’ll scan the sketch, enlarge it then print it out to the desired size. From there I’ll lightbox it on to a sheet of strathmore bristol. I don’t spend more than 5-10 on this part because I will then redraw the image with tighter pencils. I save all the details and noodling for the last step. Going apeshit in the sketch phase is a bit of a waste if I’m redrawing the piece anyways. If you want to see a really detailed tutorial on my process go HERE. Then go HERE.

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